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Strategy #1

The Formula

Learn the exact formula we have used to grow our followers & turn them to gold!

Strategy #2

The 35+ Metods

Get an overview of the 35+ Monetization methods to turn your following into gold.  

Strategy #3

The Execution

Follow the implementation strategy to grow your followers while 

NOT Enough Followers To Earn A Recurring Income To Replace Your Day Job?

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I understand the feeling all too well! The constant anticipation of checking your inbox every hour for a new collaboration or brand deal from your talent agency, all the while planning the next amazing video to feed the insatiable appetite of your followers for your content. It's a thrilling and challenging juggling act.

A 2021 survey of over 1,000 social media influencers found that 68% of respondents reported feeling overwhelmed and stressed by their job as an online enterpreneur. The demands of creating content, maintaining a strong social media presence, and pleasing followers and brands can lead to burnout and stress. The pressure to constantly perform and meet expectations can really have a negative impact on your mental health.

Do I Have Enough Followers? Can I Create Enough Content?  

As an digital marketer, it's only natural to constantly question if you have enough followers and if your reputation is still in good standing. It's a continuous battle to maintain and grow your online presence. You want to make sure that you're providing the best content possible for your followers, and that you're consistently meeting their expectations. And, of course, you want to ensure that your reputation remains positive, so that brands and companies continue to seek out collaborations with you.

It's A Never-Ending Cycle, Right?...

Or Is There A Better Way..

There's a lot of competition out there, and more and more we are fighting for the attention of brands and businesses, trying to beat our competition to the next deal...
BUT, what if I told you there is are more DOORS that lead to ROME! 

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During This Webinar You'll Learn 35 Other Ways To Monetize & Grow Your Followers Profitably WITHOUT Going Into Debt!

You may have heard the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket." It's crucial to have multiple streams of income, especially in the world of social media where algorithms and platforms are constantly changing. During this webinar you'll learn 35+ different ways to monetize your followers, giving you the power to take control of your financial future and not rely on businesses, brands, or agencies.

A Multitude of Options at Your Fingertips.

From affiliate marketing to creating your own products and services, you'll have the tools and knowledge to diversify your income and be prepared for any changes in the industry.

Not only will you be able to monetize your followers, but you'll also gain a deeper understanding of your audience and what they want from you. By providing value to your followers in different ways, you'll be able to strengthen your relationship with them, increase engagement, and grow your brand even further. It's never been easier to take your income and influence to the next level!

About Your Host

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Over the past decade, Danny has sold more than 20,000 products and generated over 7 figures in revenue. His expertise in developing, marketing, and selling software-as-a-service (SaaS) products has positioned him as an authority in the field.

As the founder of KlickXSuite, a suite of software applications designed to help influencers monetize their followers, Danny has earned multiple "bestseller" and "product of the day" awards on JVZoo and WarriorPlus.

He and his wife, Kimberly DeVries, have been recognized as high-performance leaders in the JVZoo Superheroes book and on the JVZoo platform.

Together, they balance their professional success with a bustling family life, raising seven children

Learn From The Best in The Industry

Over 20,000 Products  & $1,000,000+ Sold!!!

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Founder & Creator Of
The KlickXSuite

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What Are Others Already Saying About 
'Golden Followers?'

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Adrienne Obey


"It was exactly what I needed. I think we sometimes forget what IS possible because we can get loaded down with the details of operating a business and our daily failures. But it amazes me what potential actually exists."

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J Thomas Smith


"A clear and concise blueprint on successfully monetizing your followers. It's a virtual MBA in Internet marketing."

"It would take years working with a paid consultant to understand the scope and depth of information in this book."

jim png

James Medley


"I just want to take a moment to give credit where it’s due. Danny's knowledge about, and experience in launch marketing and sales is making all the difference. His coaching and support are outstanding. I look forward to every session with him, and you will too!"

Craig jpg

Craig McIntosh


”After reading these Influence monetization strategies, I came away with a whole load of new strategies I had never before considered, and have since started to implement them with my clients and they work. As a Digital Marketing Consultant this book is highly informative and a must read for Influencers looking to monetize their followers and increase their bottom line."

Angela Valadez jpg

Angela Valadez


"The session with Danny was very invigorating seeing what can be done. Seeing All the possibilities that are there just waiting for us. I love how he broke everything down for us and really was vulnerable with us to help us get motivated. It truly was exciting to see what’s possible if you put your mind and heart to it, along with positive action."

sam bakker jpg

Sam Bakker


I interviewed Danny & Kimberly just after their 6-figure product launch

As You Can See...

Golden Followers Has Already Helped
Countless People Around The World...

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"How To Turn Your Influence To Gold Within 24 Hours With A SINGLE LINK"

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You will get to learn the 3 Strategies To Monetizing Your Influence With 1 Link:

  • ​Strategy #1: “How To Implement An Automated System That Ads 35+ Ways To Cash In On Followers!”
  • ​Strategy #2: “How You Can Sell Products, Services, Training and Coaching & Events Without Any Selling, Marketing, or Technology Skills In 24 Hours!“
  • ​Strategy #3: “How You Can Focus On Growing Your Followers, While Growing Your Cashflow.”

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Flixsterz Content Streaming

"Unlimited VIDEO, AUDIO & BLOGS On Your Own NETFLIX Like Platform"

Total Value $497

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People LOVE to consume Videos, Podcasts and Blog Posts… but why do we need to spend so much time, and use so many platforms?

Let’s face it, you’re spending hours/days producing VIDEOS. Then you upload your VIDEOS to YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and other social media.

You upload your PODCAST Audio files to Spotify, SoundCloud or other podcast hosting platform, and..

You write your BLOG POSTS on Wordpress to get ranked and obtain email addresses (though opt-in pages or pop-ups) to build your subscriber list.

To finally link everything together via hyperlinks and buttons…

There must be a better way…

You Can Set Up Your Video Streaming, Podcast & Blog Channel in Minutes Without Producing Your Video Own Content! You can showcase all your favorite Video, Audio & Text content on a SINGLE FLIXSTERZ NEXT CHANNEL:
❌ Without producing any videos yourself.
❌ Without downloading and uploading videos.
❌ Without hosting podcasts on other sites.
❌ Without spending days on building websites.
❌ Without website hosting costs.
❌ Without annoying optin pages, popups or subscribe buttons.
❌ Without the risk of being BANNED.
❌ Without the risk of your posts being removed.

With Flixsterz NEXT, your subscribers are incentivized to sign up anytime they LIKE, SHARE, or COMMENT on your Videos, Podcasts, or Blogs. It’s a very natural way to obtain grow your Golden Followers while they enjoy your full range content.

  • ​Turn Likes Into Cash With Your Own Video Streaming, Podcasting & Blogging Service
  • ​Host Your Videos Anywhere You Want While Streaming ALL From A SINGLE Location!
  • ​Let's your subscribers consume your content in any format and on Any Device
  • ​Enter Into The Streaming Wars With Your Own NETFLIX Platform, Like Russel Brunson
  • ​Grow Your Followers Solely By Letting Them In On Your Streaming Platform
  • ​A Platform That Navigates Like YouTube and With A Viewing Experience Like Netflix
  • ​Your Own Video Distribution Platform For Your Followers Entertainment
  • ​Your Own Binge Watching Series On Your Own Netflix Like Platform
  • ​Built-In Interaction with comments, like, dislikes
  • ​Build Your List With Each Comment on Your Video
  • ​Import Selected Videos From YouTube From Your Own Or Other Channels
  • ​Import Streams From Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3
  • ​Grow Subscribers With Our Video Hacking Strategy
  • ​Import The Most Popular Videos With Your Own Description And (Affiliate) Links.
  • ​Grow Your List With Each Like
  • ​Your Own Video Streaming Community Guidelines
  • ​Get Notified with Each Like, Comment and/or Share
  • ​Supported in 8 Languages, English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Turkish.
  • ​A Video Streaming Service for Any Niche
  • ​Import Unlimited # of Videos For Streaming
  • ​Easy Social Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest
  • ​No More Annoying Advertisements Before The Video Starts
  • ​Manage All Your Videos From A Single Screen
  • ​Manage All Comments On Any Video From A Single Screen
  • ​Clear Dashboard to See All Platform Activity at a Glance
  • ​Your Own Admin Panel For Easy Import & System Settings
  • ​View Your Followers Emails And User Management Module
  • ​Including Flixsterz Cloud - Unlimited Video Hosting

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Bonus #1 - Talent & Passion Worksheet

"Identify Your Talents & Passions To Align With Your Monetization Methods!"

Total Value $27

Passion & Talent Worksheets png

Aligning your passion and talents with the monetization methods from the Golden Followers book is crucial because it can help you achieve long-term success as an influencer. By doing so, you are more likely to create content that resonates with your audience and establishes you as an authority in your niche. This will not only help you grow your following, but it will also increase the trust and loyalty of your followers.

You will be more motivated to create content and engage with your followers, which is essential to building a strong brand. Furthermore, aligning your talents with your monetization methods can help you stand out from the competition.

Aligning your passion and talents will help you create a sustainable and fulfilling career as an influencer. It allows you to create content that you are passionate about, engage with your followers authentically, and build a strong brand that resonates with your audience.

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Bonus #2 - Niching Down & Follower Profile Worksheet

"Get Higher Engagement Rates & Increased Loyalty!"

Total Value $27

Niching Down & Value Proposition Worksheets png

It's crucial to have a deep understanding of your target audience, and this is where niching down and profiling your followers come into play. By focusing on your specific niche, you can attract a more engaged and loyal following that is genuinely interested in your content and what you have to offer. It also allows you to create more relevant and personalized content that resonates with your audience, leading to higher engagement rates and increased loyalty.

Get This For FREE When You Attend The Webinar!

Bonus #3 - Media Kit Template

"Your Own Editable Media Kit To Sign Up With Agencies!"

Total Value $97

Influencer Media Kit png

Showcase your skills and expertise to potential clients, brands, or agencies. By providing a professional and visually appealing media kit, you can present yourself in the best possible light and make a great first impression.

The editable media kit isflexible and adaptable. As your career progresses and evolves, you can easily update and modify your media kit to reflect your current status, latest achievements, and current brand partnerships. This ensures that your media kit is always up-to-date and relevant, which can increase your chances of getting hired or securing brand deals.

Instead of having to create a new media kit from scratch every time you want to apply for a job or pitch a brand, you can simply update your existing media kit with the latest information and send it out. This streamlines the process and allows you to focus on creating content and engaging with your Golden Followers.

Get This For FREE When You Attend The Webinar!

Bonus #4 - Value Propostion & Application Worksheet

"Secure Profitable Partnerships!"

Total Value $97

Value Prop and Application sheet png

Your value proposition should clearly explain what sets you apart from other influencers in your niche, the unique value you can provide to their brand, and the benefits of working with you.

By creating a strong value proposition, you can effectively showcase your strengths and align them with the needs of potential partners. This can make it easier for brands to see the value in working with you and increase your chances of securing profitable partnerships.

Use the application worksheet for selecting those monetization methods that align with your progression to turn followers into gold!

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Golden Followers Today!

Thomas Smith png

J Thomas Smith


"A compelling read. Once you open the book, you won't want to stop reading. So, allow yourself a few hours to breeze through this important topic. But, you will want to stop to understand the methods. This book will reward your interest with time $aved and more monetisation of your follower$."

"Great section on "Using Your Talents" and 10 questions on discovering your special talents. It provides a link to a worksheet to make it easy for you.

"No matter your view on defining your target audience," Golden Followers clarifies the what, why, and how."

"The worksheets are worth the value of this book X 10 and more."

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